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The realization that the planets orbit our star in ellipses was discovered only after Johannes Kepler’s mathematical theories collided head on with the observation of the planets recorded by Tycho Brahe. Theory and experience, combined, revealed new possibilities-new dimension of reality-a new resonance of ideas manifest amidst the unending mystery of the cosmos. An ellipsis (i.e....) in cited passages indicates materials that have been omitted or traditionally left out. Yet it is often the concepts left out-whether they are derived from theory or experience-that transform our understanding of ourselves and awaken our wonder to the amazing universe we inhabit. ellipses, the journal, is inclusive of all aspects of thought and experience that inform new modes of understanding and imagination. With a concentration of Philosophy and the Integrated Arts, ellipses explores, questions and develops the resonance and depths of experience and thought which make up the essence of human inquiry, creativity and expression.

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