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Shiva’s Moon
The Dance of India

By Maresa Moglia
Illustration by Paul Grillo

You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away:
The Mythic in the Life and Death of John Lennon

By Douglas Sobers with Laurence Murphy
Original Photos by Douglas Sobers

The Resonance of the Word:
A Philosophical Legacy of Judaism

By Laurence L. Murphy and Dominick Iorio

The Myth of the Last Day:
C.G. Jung’s Apocalyptic Visions

By Steven Walker
Identity in Time
By Laurence L. Murphy and Dominick A. Iorio
Photograph by Jennifer R. McConnell

Pagan Influences in Christian Culture:
The Hidden Legacy

By Douglas M. Painter
Photographs by Kelly Reed

The French Connection: Tracking Rimbaud’s Influence
By Ronald S. Kostar
Photography by Ryan Gallagher
Illustrations by Deirdre Sheean

Interviews and Insights

A Failure to Tell the Truth:
A Conversation with Richard Billings, co-author of Fatal Hour

Core Curriculum and Quality Education:
A Conversation with Stephen Zelnick

Challenging “Postmodern” Criticism
Prose by: Laurence Murphy. Art and Commentary by: Rita Baragona, Harry I. Naar, Anthony Panzera, Joanne Stryker, and Ted Weller.

Issues and Opinions

Uncut Pages:
Three Parables of Credibility and Credulity in Contemporary Education

By Katherine Kearney Maynard

Literary Criticism and Creative Writing
by Ronald S. Kostar
Illustrations by Michael Hawthorne

Teaching Against the Tide
by Dianne Perkins
Illustrations by Michael Hawthorne

Reflections and Reviews

America the Possible?
Seeing America First With Nathaniel Tarn

By Katherine Kearney Maynard

Running the Blade:
Examining the Imagery of a Hollywood Cult Film

By Thomas O. Meehan
Photographs by Ryan Gallagher

Creating Art out of Experience:
V.S. Naipaul’s Enigma of Arrival

By Thomas O. Meehan


Tomorrow Things Might be Different
By Laurel Saville

Traveling South
By Laurence L. Murphy
Illustrations by Deirdre Sheean

Poetry and Image

Poetry with Paintings:
Poetry by Jennifer R. McConnell. Painting by Juan Castille.

Poetry with Illustration:
Poetry by Tara Del Maestro. Illustration by Paul Grillo.

Poetry with Photography:
Poetry by Dino Kotsiopoulos. Photography by Mark Dengler.

The Gallery: Exhibition De Anima

Photographs by Meredith Addy and Kelly Reed
Paintings by Juan Castille
Illustrations by Mary Sheean

Staff and Contributors

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